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" ELEGANCE Wine Coolers
produce with Thermoelectric System

which is specialty cooling system to refrigerate wine. "


Wine Coolers

" Nifty Queue Stand, not only to organize the side walk

but also help workplace be high class. "


Queue Stand

" Luxury Laggage Trolley

tell the first impressive welcome service. "


Luggage Trolley

" Luggage Rack, the folding furniture is high loading

capability and easy moving to proper corner for

more convenient usage than the fixed shelf. "


Luggage Rack

" Cigarette Butt Receptacle, not only get rid of littering butt problem but

reduces the risk of fires, it's environmental friendly. "


Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Electrical Appliance

Wine Coolers, Wine Refrigerator, Wine Cellar, Hotel Wine Coolers, Small Wine Coolers produce with Thermoelectric Cooling Technology was used in Aerospace on scientist long time which is specialty cooling system to refrigerate wine and saving electricity

Hotel Refrigerator Mini-Bar

Hotel Refrigerator, Mini-Bar, Small fridge : with Advanced Thermoelectric Cooling System, the heat-pipe technology, used in Aviation, Aerospace, noise less, long operating life and minimal maintenance requirements, suitable widely usage in hotel, resort,

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer, Hotel Hair Dryer, Portable Hair Dryer : It's foldable, convenintly keep in drawer, easy using by press handle button to blow, modern shape and "JAWA" quality standard of Germany, auto cut off whenever overload, various model with special elec

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer : the safety innovation, fix on the wall to prevent lost case, convenient usage with modern shape and "JAWA" quality standard of Germany, auto cut off whenever overload, available various model with special electric wire and Europe

Hotel Products Set With Logo

Slippers with logo

Slippers, Hotel Slippers : manufacturer and distributor, there are non-woven (spun bond), towel, and waffle cloth, produce with thick soles, non-skid wearing, soft and comfortable feet. Available open-closed toe, disposable and washable type, durable and

Plastic Bag Set

Plastic Bag Set, Hotel Plastic Bag Set : service design and make to order hotel logo printed bag, Glass Cover Bag, Laundry Bag, Sanitary Bag, under standard production GMP with grade A plastic, prominent printing design and sterilized cleanliness also an

Bathroom Amenities (Standard set)

Bathroom Amenities (Standard set) : luxury design, order without minimum quantity and promptly deliver. Small and packaging are standard set of Elegance which are dark brown background tone and white tone. Liquid Set: Shower Gel, Shampoo, Hair Conditi

Bathroom Amenities ( Make to order set )

Bathroom Amenities : with the art collection specialist of design and manufacturing a quality amenities set which are smell of cosmetic grade as requirement of hotel chain in domestic and foreign countries. Starting with carefully package design and l

Hotel Room Products

Room Amenities Set

Room Amenities Set, Hotel Room Amenities Set : the design of each amenity piece combine together as big set, in consideration of conformation, color, exquisite shape. Produce with fine material and be appropriate 4-5 star hotel room, leading resort also o

Baby Cot

Wood Baby Cot, Hotel Baby Cot which are produced and design under hotel usage standard from beech wood, no wood burrs. Bedside panel locking system are sturdy structure and appropriate measurement. Foldable baby cot for easy moving mobility and lockable w

Clothes Rack

Clothes Rack, Hotel Clothes Rack, Suit Clothes Rack : there are 2 type couple stand and single stand , strong luxurious shape, one more piece furniture in 4-5 star hotel room, easily moving, suitable to use in hotel, resort and executive office also perso


Wood Hanger, Hotel Wood Hanger : make from LOTUS wood, beauty left-right seam with workmanship, wood thickness 14 mm (general 12 mm.) cause durable and long lifetime. Available colour foe choosing as well pin, hook type on stock basic and velvet hanger, s

Personal Scales

Personal Scale : there are mechanic (analog pin), digital LCD type using battery and solar power, new beautiful modern, portable shape design, high accuracy and durable, automatic power on/off by step on scale, special model with body fat/water and mass i

Hotel Safe Box

Hotel Safe Box, Safe Box : the electronic system innovation, simple to open-close by press keypad with 3-6 digits or personal code, If forget the code able open by key or machine master code, painted with powder coating case to prevent rust, suitable to i

Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket, Hotel Rattan Basket : invent to be clothes basket, shoe basket, napkin basket, made from rattan and others material, beauty design and popular usage in the leading spa, hotel, resort, service-apartment.

Ironing Table

Ironing TableIroning Table, Hotel Ironing Table : produced with standard material, metal grating board cover with reflexive heat polyester fabric which iron the clothes perfectly on both sides and metallic steel pipe frame leg to support extreme pressing

Hotel Central Area Products

Laundry Cart

Laundry Cart, Hotel Laundry Cart : design a variety of shapes and size appropriate use of maid in the passageway area, support a lot of laundry clothes weight, moved easily with good quality caster. The component produce with stainless frame material and


Trolley, Stainless Trolley : shape design to support to place in all direction, front, lateral, above, produce with good quality stainless physical structure, to lade every shape with special castors, strong and durability also save cost of maintenance.

Housekeeping Cart

Housekeeping Cart, Hotel Housekeeping Cart : beautifully proportional 3 shelves space designed, arrange separate section for conveniently take. The particular importance products which are produce with good quality physical structure, stainless, steel and

Service Cart

Service Cart, Serving Cart, Beverage Cart, Plate Collector Cart : beautiful design shape, rack space are proportionality and waiter actively serve. Produce with good physical structure, stainless, steel and wooden, for everyday usability. Especially, the

Luggage Trolley

Luggage Trolley, beautifully shape designed and suitable usability, one of our specific products which we produce with large strong and durable casters. High quality than other suppliers thus our trolley are loaded better weight, great impact and noiseles

Safety Caution Stand Board

Safety Stand Board, Warning Stand Board, Prohibition Stand Board, Regulate Stand Board : to assist remind and beware safety to client. There are wording and international symbol type, made of wood, plastic board, suitable usage in hotel, resort, service-a

Information Stand Board

Information Stand Board, Information Board : variety modern shape, produce with stainless, titanium plate steel (gold, silver), the imposing board was eye-catching designed. Clearly indicate information, suitable usage in hotel, resort, restaurant, entert

Queue Stand

Queue Stand, Retractable Belt Barrier : silver, golden quoted stainless post and black plated steel post which is standard quality material, retractable belt type (single and double belt) and strap type (velvet and spiral rope with hooker or claw hook). T

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