For The New Open Hotel Or Renovation

Essential hotel products for the new open hotel or renovation

Hotel Rooms Products

Door : Room Number Signs
  Door Hanger (print or standard)
Inside Room : Room Trashcan (Stainless, Iron, Plastic, Wood Material)
  Wall Mounted Torch
  Emergency Light (Villa)
  Alarm Clock
  Luggage Rack
  Safe Box
  Ironing Table and Iron
  Clothes Rack (Single and Couple Stand)
  Shoe Basket
  Remote Box
  Room Amenities Set (make to order)
  Room File Set (make to order)
  Letter Paper/Envelope
  Note Paper (printed logo)
  Room Service Menu
  Laundry Lists
  Price List of Room Articles
Bed : Mattress
  Bed Sheet
  Filling Quilt
  Pillow (4/room)
  Cushion (2/room)
  Cloth Napkine (Waterproof)
  Bed Runner
  Extra Bed
Mini-Bar : Minibar Tray (All snack lay on refrigerator)
  Kettle Tray
  - 2 Coffee Cups with 2 Teaspoons
  - 2 Water Glasses with Glass Cover Bag (print logo or standard)
  - Paper Coasters (print logo)
  Ice Bucket
  - Ice Can, Wine Can, Wine Can Pole
  Electric Kettle
  Coffee Set
  - Coffee, Sachet Tea, Sugar, Coffee Mate, Stir Stick
Refrigerator : Bootle Hanging Signs (print)
  Acrylic Display (insert price list)
  Bottle Opener/Wine Bottle Opener
  Can Opener
  Hotel Sticker (stick om goods to prevent swithing)
  Cover Cloth on Refrigerator
  Soft Drink
  - Juice/Mineral Water/Drinking Water
Dressing Table : Tissue Box
  - Long and Short Type (PU leather, make to order)
  Magnifying (Stand and Wall Mounted Type)
  Hair Dryer (Stand and Wall Mounted Type)
Rest Room : Bathroom Amenites Set (print logo and standard set)
  Liquid Set (Shower Gel, Shampoo, Hair Conditiner, Skin, Lotion, Soap)
  Dry Set (Shower Cap, Cotton Bud, Comb, Shaving Set, Toothbrush Set,
Sewing Kit, Manicure Set)
  Amenities Tray
  Hair Dryer (Wall Mounted and Stand Type)
  Soap Dispenser
  Soap Dish/Napkin Dish
  Shower Curtain
  Bath Mat
  Retractable Clothesline
  Penal Trashcan
  Personal Scales
  2 Glasses with Glass Cover Bag (print logo)
  Sanitary Bag
  Hair Towel (Rectangle Shape)
  Face Towel (Quadrate Shape)
  Hand Towel (Small Quadrate Shape)
  Foot Towel
Guest Room : Ash Tray (on desk, outdoor stand type)
  Flower Vase
  Fruit Tray
  Matches (make to order)
Wardrobe : Suit Hanger (at least 2 pcs.)
  Skirt Hanger (at least 3 pcs.)
  Shirt Hanger (4-6 pcs.)
  Hanger Ring (Pin Head)
  Safe Box
  Ironing Table/Iron
  Laundry Bag (printed logo or standard)
  Bath Rope
  Shoe Horn/Clothes Brushes
  Pool Towel (2 pcs.)
  Umbrella (2 pcs.)
  Air Refresher

Front Area/Lobby/Central Area

  Umbrella Rack
  Wet-Umbrella Wrapper
  Information Stand Boad
  Luggage Netting
  Newspaper-Magazine Rack
  Shoe Polishing Machine
  Registered Pad (make to order)
  Bell Ring
  Tree Pot
  Aerosol Dispenser
  Central Area Waste Bin
  - Indoor Waste Bin (Inside-Outside Bldg.)
  - Outdoor Waste Bin (Garden Waste Bin)
  Queue Stand
  - Retractable Belt (single and double belt, pole head 2ways/4ways)
  - Strap Belt (velvet and spiral rope)
  - Sign Frame (vertical/Horizontal)
  Podium (Seminer and Banquet Room)
  Serving Tray Rack (Restaurant and Banquet Room)
  Symbol Boards (Stand, Wall Mounted, Hanging)
  Acrylic Display (Vertical or Horizontal)
  Warning Stand Board
  Cleaning Board

Service Section

  Bill Sign Pad (make to order)
  Collect Money Pad (make to order)
  - Mini Bar Tray
  - Coffee Set Tray
  - Glass Tray
  - Amenities Tray
  - Bakery Tray
  Service Cart

Housekeeping Section

  Housekeeping Cart
  Luggage Trolley
  Laundry Cart
  Cleaning Cart
  Plastic Bag Set
  - Glass Cover Bag, Sanitary Bag, Laundry Bag

Central Rest Room

  Soap Dispenser (Single, Twin, Triple Head)
  Wall Mounted Hand Dryer
  Aerosol Dispenser
  Pedal Trashcan
  Central Area Waste Bin
  Emergency Light


  Fire Extinguisher
  Emergency Light
  Safety Signs

Hotel Electrical Appliance

  Electric Kettle
  Wall Mounted Hair Dryer
  Hair Dryer
  Hand Dryer
  Refrigerator/Mini Bar
  Wine Cooler
  Shoe Polishing Machine

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